Occupational Health & Safety Policy

Science People is committed to the health, safety and welfare of all its employees, employees of client organisations and other persons affected by our activities.

If accidents do occur Science People is committed to effective rehabilitation of the injured employee.

Science People believes that these objectives can only be achieved through a systematic approach to these issues and are therefore committed to:-

  • Comply with all legislative requirements related to Occupational Health & Safety
  • Ensuring that Occupational Health Safety & Rehabilitation is an integral part of our business plan
  • Providing management, employees and client organisations with a clear understanding of this policy and their responsibilities
  • Promoting effective Occupational Health Safety & Injury Management at every opportunity
  • Providing and monitoring effective procedures to mitigate risks in all activities
  • Consultation with employees regarding Occupational Health & Safety issues

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Equal Opportunity Policy

Science People is committed to the promotion of equal opportunity for all persons including women, people of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island descent, people of all racial and ethnic groups and people with disabilities.

This commitment is to be interpreted so as to be consistent with the operation of the merit principle in the recruitment and promotion of all staff.

Science People accepts that as an employer it has a responsibility to eliminate and ensure the continued absence from within its structure of any source of direct or indirect discrimination on the basis of any factors not related to work or performance including race, colour, national or ethnic origin, nationality, sex, marital status, pregnancy, transexuality, age, sexual preference, status as a parent or carer, political conviction, religious belief, social origin or impairment. It has a continuing obligation under the Affirmative Action (Equal Employment Opportunity for Women) Act 1986 to develop and implement an Affirmative Action Plan.

Affirmative Action Program

Science People has developed and implemented a program of affirmative action in accordance with its obligations under the Affirmative Action (Equal Opportunity for Women) Act 1986. The Affirmative Action Program is designed to ensure that:-

  1. Appropriate action is taken to eliminate discrimination against women in relation to employment matters; and
  2. Measures are taken to promote equal opportunity for women in relation to employment matters

Other EO Legislation

Apart from its responsibilities under the Affirmative Action Act, Science People recognises that policies and practices must meet the requirements of other equal opportunity and anti-discrimination legislation, in particular:

  • The Racial Discrimination Act 1975 which prohibits consideration of race, colour, descent or national or ethnic origin as grounds for discrimination;
  • The Sex Discrimination Act 1984 which makes it unlawful to take into account sex, marital status or pregnancy in employment and in the provision of education, goods and services and accommodation. The Act also defines sexual harassment and renders such behaviour unlawful in employment and in education; and
  • The Disability Discrimination Act 1992 which aims to ensure that people with disabilities have the same rights and opportunities as all other Australians. The Act provides people with an opportunity to respond to unfair treatment because of disability

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Privacy Policy

View our privacy policy here.

Science People Pty Ltd is a 100% Australian company, operating since 2000 and we comply with Australia law.

We collect data for the purposes of Bringing Good Science People and Good Jobs Together.

We utilise IT systems that are provided by multinational companies based in and with affiliates in the UK and USA, but they advise us that your (and our) data is held in cloud computers and backups within Australia. (Voyager Infinity SaaS hosted on Microsoft’s Azure cloud system)

Science People take your privacy very seriously and will only pass on your personal data to anyone else with your express permission.

Your resume and other data is kept on file, so we can search through and locate you and ask if you are interested in a job other than the one you applied.

We will keep your resume and other information on our database, until you ask us to specifically delete it.

Plus, we are regularly asked by previous applicants to email them back a copy of their resume because their computer had died. Sometimes many years later.

Occasionally we will contact you to update your details and advise you of relevant information and jobs.

We collect and keep your information and contact details on our database until you ask us to specifically delete it.

Occasionally we will contact you to update your details and advise you of relevant information. 

Recruitment process

An employer contracts Science People to find them the perfect person for a specific job within their organisations.

Science People source a pool or candidates from:

  • external advertising
  • resumes already in our database
  • word of mouth

All applicants are assessed for suitability for all current and known future vacancies.

With the candidates’ permission a screened shortlist is presented to the employer.

Then, hopefully after a series of interviews, reference and background checks, preemployment medicals then the employer makes an offer of employment, the candidate accepts, starts work and has a fabulous new career.

Everybody happy.

Even if one specific job is not the right one the next vacancy may be a perfect match, so we keep all resumes on file unless requested otherwise.


If you are a European citizen or resident extra privacy regulations apply, GDPR. As most of our vacancies are long term or permanent applicants it is very rare that applicants other than Australian Citizens, Australian Permanent Residents or New Zealand Citizens may be considered.

Please advise us if you need to be treated under GDPR or any other country’s law.