Past Jobs

These are examples of jobs Science People have filled in the past and the successful candidate.

Employers: If you are seeking to recruit people like these please contact Diana Heery on or 0417 068 877.

Job seekers: If you see yourself working in a job like these please email your resume to Include a cover note stating the type of work you are seeking, your transferable skills, preferred location and salary.


Past Vacancy Who Got The Job
Trainee Sales Engineer Recent graduate 2 internships as part of degree Student jobs included retail work Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical)
Pathology Diagnostics Sales & Marketing Manager Over 20 years sales and sales management B Applied Science – Biomedical 3 years pathology lab experience
Junior Service Engineer - Medical Equipment 1 internship as part of degree Student jobs included Uni work and retail Bachelor and Masters in Biomedical Engineering
Regulatory Affairs and Quality Manager Over 10 years commercial industrial chemistry experience with manufacturing companies. Including Reg Affairs, Quality, Laboratory Management and Production. B. Chemical Engineering Masters Chemical Engineering and Industrial Chemistry
Graduate Technical Commercial Customer Service 6 years retail sales and support work whilst a school and uni student Recipient of outstanding customer service awards B.Sc and Certificate II Information and Technology
Science Internal Technical Sales 4 years student jobs retail sales and hospitality 3 years relevant laboratory work B.Sc M.Sc PhD –incomplete decided to work rather than continue to a career in academia
Food Laboratory Technician 3 years Food Laboratory experience 7 years as a chef Qualification in Commercial Cookery, Nutrition Diploma, B.Sc Food Technology, HACCP
Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance 1 year Quality Internship 2 years hospitality manager B.Sc M.Sc M. Commerce
Internal Sales and Technical Support Specialist 2 years non-science sales 4 years laboratory work 7 years internal sales and technical support B.Sc Applied Chemistry
Biomedical Engineer 2 years student work 2 years graduate biomedical engineering experience B. Electrical Engineering
Science Technical Sales - Field 3 years retail sales 7 years academic and commercial laboratory work B.Sc Hons PhD
Science Administrator – All Rounder Recent graduate with student jobs including: Office / receptionist, McDonalds, supermarket and retail. Laboratory research internship B.Sc Hons
QC Chemist Recent graduate with student jobs including: factory manufacturing, teaching chemistry at uni, supermarket and hospitality work. 3 month laboratory work internship. B.Sc Hons
Junior Service Engineer 7 years non science technician and engineering work whilst a student (part time study while working) and post degree. B Mechanical Engineering Hons
Experienced Scientific Technical Sales Specialist 15 years proven sales success 2 years academic laboratory research B.Sc Hons PhD
Materials Chemist - Customer Support 10 years materials science and engineering work B.Sc Hons
Clinical Trials - Personalised Medicine Coordinator 10 years lab bench, QC and management work. 2 years retail sales B.Sc Graduate Diploma
Supply Chain / Purchasing 10 years purchasing, supply chain, logistics, import and export for technical and non-technical companies. Accounting and logistics qualifications.
Technical Business Development 14 years technical sales and product management 10 years lab bench work B.Sc Grad Dip Business Management
Export Sales Manager 6 years technical sales in Australia and target countries 1 year lab bench B Engineering Masters Biotechnology
Food Technology QA 5 years food production and product development 3 years part time marketing assistant B.Sc Food Tech Food Safety Supervisor
Biomedical Service Engineer Student work included administration in a hospital and pharmacy assistant. 2 years engineering trainee including internship B. Mechatronic Engineering, Masters Biomedical engineering
Biomedical Engineering Technician 4 years labouring and odd job handyman 3 month internship 2 years supermarket B. Mechatronic Engineering scholarship winner
Hand Held Environmental Instrument Sales 6 years aquaculture 5 years non-science sales B. Marine Biology with multiple environmental science and aquaculture certificates
Business Development Manager 8 years technical sales and sales management with impressive results 5 years relevant laboratory work B.Sc Hons PhD
Specialist Service Engineer 2 years instrument service 5 years key user of the specialist equipment including training others and maintenance B.Sc Hons PhD
Chemist Over 10 years relevant chemistry laboratory Storeman and supermarket work B.Sc Certificate in Chemical Instrumentation
Customer Service – Team Leader 5 years technical customer service and management 10 years lab bench Non-science sales and management B.Sc Diploma Business Management
Junior LIMS Technical Support A go to person for computer assistance at home, uni and at work. 3 years laboratory work in various laboratories. Self taught and study study towards Masters in IT adding to B.Sc.