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Diana Heery

Diana Heery - Director of Science People

Director of Science People understands the needs of the scientific and medical technical industry and the people who work in it. She studied Applied Science at UNSW, and has marketing, management and recruitment qualifications (Achieved the highest mark 97% in the (RCSA) Recruitment and Consulting Services Exam in 2000).

Diana has over 20 years experience in commercial science, working on the lab bench in QC and R&D, Technical Sales and marketing for large and small companies, medical devices, diagnostics and research, scientific instrumentation, consumables and has been in recruiting since 1999.

This means that you can discuss your requirements in complete confidentiality and in normal industry jargon and Diana will understand. For example a candidate explaining that their expertise was in Helicobacter Pylori, & the last recruiter they had spoken with thought they were talking about a Helicopter!! This won't happen with Science People.

Diana is an Accredited Professional Recruiter.